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Sunday, March 8, 2009

how to remove pimple? part 1

Whelk is common almost every person, especially in adolescence. Whelk can not create confidence. Pimple on the face should be removed because it reduces the confidence or shame. you want to face healthy without a pimple?

Pustule there may be several things, but can be controlled. Of course you need to change habits and make a little extra effort to avoid the emergence of whelk, such as the exercise regularly, eat vegetables.

At this discussion, I will explain how to remove pimple on the face or back either way to pustule or pimple ordinary stone that is in the face, which is a pimple menjengkelkan.ada How safe is the most traditional. If we use the chemical based drugs blotch sometimes create irritation on the face or on the back.
How to remove pimple needs to, in order to restore the beauty of your face, usually a woman is very disturbed with the beautiful face ini.perlu remember every woman desire to be anywhere as well. Therefore we need to know how to treat the face and know how to troubleshoot in the face of the woman.

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