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Monday, December 14, 2009

Let us Know about Orgasms

When a man feels aroused, blood flows into the penis increases penis becomes much so hard, and then an erection, and to be more to be sensitive. Same with men, when women feel aroused, blood flows genital area increased a lot.

If the weather was aroused, the vaginal environment becomes supple and slightly moist. Kitoris will grow harder and less sensitive.

Not only in the genital area alone, both nipples on men and women were also able to erect. At that time, the heart rate and breathing will increase rapidly. This is where sex can be a scene that gives a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Feelings are aroused when a person will usually orgasm effect. Orgasm is the climax of sexual feelings and sexual pleasure which is high enough.

"Orgasm is composed of muscle contractions in the pelvic area and will rise quite pleasant feeling which spread throughout the body. Orgasm in men usually coincides with the situation at the time of ejaculation," Explanation of Wendy Darvill and Kelsey Powell is active in for sex education, which teach children and adolescents in Australia.

Orgasm is not just always be obtained from just sex. One can reach the state of orgasm if she is sexually aroused.

On the other hand when people do not enjoy sexual relations, they are not sure really wanted. but if there are couples who were forced to have sex, or with reason to worry pregnant or infected with venereal diseases, sex seemed to be no fun.

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