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Monday, March 30, 2009

Self-Pleasure Tips for Women ~ Private Fantasies

As is often said, your mind is the most erotic of all organs. Men are said to be visual creatures who get excited at the sight of a pair of limbs, bare skin, or whatever it is that they consider sexy. Women, on the other hand, are said to need creative stimulation for sexual arousal. Thus, following this argument, I would say that indulging in sexual fantasies is one of the soundest self-pleasure tips for women.

To get you in the mood for self-pleasure, set the mood by arranging the time and place in which you’ll do it. Put another way, make a date with yourself. Make sure that you are alone or will be undisturbed for this date. That is, unless you get excited by the prospect of imminent discovery. Part of getting to know yourself as a self-pleasure tip for women is in knowing what excites your imagination.

Here’s a self-pleasure tip for women who get sexually aroused by visual stimulation: Try watching an erotic. Nothing is stopping you from renting erotic films from your local video shop if the mood strikes you. Some women, like myself, get excited by certain films, even after having watched them millions of times. I always find myself panting with excitement every time I watch Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire. Man, Brando was the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. I consider the scene where he screams: ‘Hey, Steeeeelllllaaaaahhhhh!!!’ the sexiest movie scene of all time. So, just keep watching a lot of films. If you have homemade videos of yourself doing it with your lover, even better. You might want to replay it to yourself and recapture the magic.

Another self-pleasure tip for women: Read erotic literature to yourself. Try out words and how they feel as they roll away from your tongue. I believe that there are certain words lush with libidinous possibilities. For example, for me, the word ‘lush’ is very sexy. Again, what is ‘erotic’ varies for women. Try out all types of literature to know which author excites you. The standard fare here would be Henry Miller, Anais Nin, Marquis de Zane and D. H. Lawrence. For me, Tom Robbins and Erica Jong are key writers to look up. Indulge your fantasies. Roam the inner recesses of your mind. As the cliché goes, only in our imaginations can we be truly free.

Copyright 2005 – E.J. Davis

About The Author
E.J. Davis a writer for, firmly believes that the ultimate self-pleasure begins with a simple caress.

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