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Monday, March 30, 2009

Tips for Women as They Adjust to Married Life

There are basically two types of men out there. Men who like to
watch sports, and men who don’t. I consider myself lucky to have
met and married a man who falls into the latter category. But that doesn’t mean that our lives together are always pure wedded bliss. It takes a lot of work, especially if you have been out in the single world for a long time.

I’m sure you single ladies out there know what I am talking
about. It’s tough to actually have to live with someone when you
previously had the place to yourself. And what about the name
change, the finances, and all the other administrative stuff that makes marriage so unsexy?? Let’s explore what you can do to
handle the transition to married life with ease.


It is ever so important these days to have a prenuptial agreement. If he really loves you, your betrothed will understand the need for one. After all, you both worked hard for the money you earned and the assets you acquired before you were married, so why not protect them? Believe me, it’s worth a simple piece of paper now to avoid a lot of headache later. There are many highly qualified lawyers out there who can draft the agreement for a nominal fee, so put yourself at ease and sign a prenup.


I skipped over the actual wedding, since everyone has varying tastes when it comes to wedding ceremonies and receptions, and that is not really the focus of this article anyway. I want to get right to the part where he carries you over the threshold of your new home, and you are officially husband and wife. As you start your new life together, try to keep these things in mind:

1. Take some time to enjoy being married. After all, you married this man for a reason. You should just bask in the glow of your happiness for a while.

2. Make a list of the administrative tasks that need to be handled – like the name change, joint insurance policies, etc. and give yourself a flexible target date to complete them. This way you won’t feel rushed and overwhelmed,and you will most likely complete everything ahead of schedule.

3. Decide early on which household chores you want to do, and ask your husband which he would like to do. It may seem silly, but this will help you avoid an argument later about who should have taken out the trash.

4. Figure out both your schedules – what time you go to work,
when you like to work out, when you like to eat dinner, etc. It’s important to know what your day looks like, so that you can maximize your quality time together.

5. Communicate, commit, and cooperate. Don’t forget that you are
a team now, and you must work together in order to keep your union strong and harmonious.

If you follow the first and last steps in the list, everything in between will fall into place. Yes, it’s tough to adjust to beinga twosome when you’ve been on your own for so long. And yes, the minutiae of everyday life can sometimes bog you down. But if you can deal with it up front, organize it, and commit to working on it together, then you will succeed.

Rachel Greenberg is co-founder of LuckYaya LLC, a women-owned business with its own line of unique hand-crafted jewelry and gifts. When she is not busy managing the company’s website,, she enjoys writing articles that focus on making life better for the every day woman.

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