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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Black Shadows Under Eyes

Black shadow under the eyes is one of the factors that is able to reduce the appearance and freshness face. There are many factors that can be a cause, one sign you are asleep or suffering from allergy center.

Blackish color under the eyes, according to health experts, may also foreshadow symptoms of serious health disturbances. Especially when the expression is at the same time with sore throat pain or fever.

There are several factors that can be a higher-up the black shadows under the eyes, one of which is:

1. Due to the sun
Sun can be the cause of the black shadows under the eyes, the area under the eye more quickly changed to dark skin than others around the face.

2. Poor nutrition Feed
If you consume less green old age, the color black under your eyes is a sign that you may experience a lack of nutrition. To overcome this, konsumsilah foods rich in antioxidants every day.

3. Poor sleep
If a night or yesterday evening You begadang, the black circles under the eyes will become less rest your bookmarks (to sleep). The more tired you are, your face skin will show the flow of blood under the eyes. So that the skin color under your eyes will look kebiruan or darker.

4. Offspring / genetic
Unfortunately, for some people, black stripe under the eyes is hereditary or genetic. If your mother mengalaminya, so you can also get it.

Generally this is due to the blood vessel. The influence of the high amount of blood found in the area, making the skin become more visible than dark skin color in the face of another.

How do I overcome this?

There are several ways you can do to reduce or overcome the dark color under the eyes are:

- With cosmetic products
Currently many cosmetic products that can help whiten black color under the eyes, but use carefully with attention to how pemakaiannya.

- How traditional
Black color under the eyes due to eye tired or lacking sleep, can disegarkan with mengkompres eyes with cucumber slices or tomato paste in the eyes.

- Bedroom
Rest or sleep is enough for 8 hours a day, will help you remove the black color under the eyes.

- Eliminate factors triggered
Eliminate or minimize the causes of the occurrence of color is black. Learn what factors cause a black color under your eyes as much as possible avoid it.

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