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Saturday, March 28, 2009

How Women Make in 10 Minutes Orgasme

Not prudish woman for men is subject to satisfactory hasratnya. But whether the man concerned to satisfy themselves of the women make time. That will be a question for all of us, how to make women orgasme?

clearly the man who may have the women and men will become idamannya. But whether men know that a step-langkang in the need for women to the seventh heaven with only stimulate G Spotnya?

For that we will provide step-langkang for men who want to satisfy the woman to fly to the seventh heaven.

First minut: Start with stroke his head and brow of fondling directed toward the neck, try to further stimulate your index finger touching the back of the ear bagianh women.

Second minuts: Kiss face from brow and browse slowly towards the eyes and nose. Then the smell started from the corner of the lips so that the lips of the woman's lips and heart woman berdegup fast.

Third minuts: Use your tongue to do the stimulus in the ear and you light hembuskan breath occasionally burrow into the ear.

Fourth minuts: After exploring the ear, ciumlah the neck and give a little smacker and do intimate with soft lick.

Fifth minuts: Lower your kiss toward the side of the chest and ekslorasi the side of the chest to the woman sigh a straight face.

Sixth minuts: Start referring to the smell you but do not directly payudarahnya to putingnya. Make rounds of the terluar payudarah to go and do putingnya turn, this will make it a curious and improve hasratnya.

Sevent minuts: Start to explore the stomach with your tongue and lap it pusarnya hole, you will get a pair of extraordinary excitement.

Eight minuts: Now use your tongue to attack the pahanya while your hands play in the featherweight vaginanya part, this may further stimulate the woman.

Nine minuts: Make the stimulus to the outside of the vagina with the vagina and lick the lips which is a small bulge at the bottom, it will make the woman happy and can rangangan high.

Ten minuts: Minutes last-minute entry to your tongue in vagina hole women jilatlah and slowly, with selingi suction out your mouth with a lap and the top of the vaginanya. So the woman and to the seventh heaven without doing the ML and women satisfied.

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