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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ozone therapy, Creating Beautiful And Healthy Body

Prevent disease and improve the body's resistance, can be done in different ways. One of them by using the Advanced Therapy Ozone or ozone therapy. Therapy is effective because terbukti able to expedite the process of healing and dispel various diseases.

Ozone therapy is not a new thing in the world of beauty, because there have been since World War I in Germany. However, only used to treat various diseases, such as injury or infection caused by bacteria.

In 1960, this therapy is also used to treat various diseases other than infection, such as disease degeneratif and metabolic problems. Ozone therapy a new entry to Indonesia in 2003, using a more sophisticated method.

According to dr. Welly Sondakh, MPH., Ozone therapy can increase ATP production, namely monekul of chemical energy from the main body, so it can strengthen the body's metabolism.

"Menipisnya measure oxygen, heavy pollution and various health behaviors do not cause menumpuknya various metabolic waste and toxic free radicals in the body. This is a disease and cause a variety of metabolic disturbances," explained Dr Clinic The Answer. Welly's.

Patterns of living that are less healthy, less like sports, is not healthy eating patterns, stress and environmental pollution degeneratif speed up the process or penuaan, besides the existence of internal factors such as genetic factors.

Penuaan process has started going after someone entered the age of 30 years, the process occurs naturally and slowly so that the less frequently observed. However, in certain people, the process can happen so quickly.

"The process of aging associated with the many free radicals, and ozone was able menetralisir different free radicals," said the ozone therapeutist have the training and education in Germany and Russia this.

Injected with ozone (O2) that have been changed to O3 under the skin, will make faskularisasi become better menginduksi and the establishment of a network of collagen under the skin. So that the skin becomes more elastic and prevent wrinkles and penuaan.

Useful addition to prevent early penuan, ozone therapy is also able to overcome the various problems caused pustule skin, burns and allergies.

"Women who enter menopause period will be that ozone therapy. So also with women who did not start the cycle haidnya regularly, with the ozone therapy will become normal again. Penuan Prevention and wrinkles using this therapy has been conducted in many countries in Europe, such as Italy, germany, Russia, Spain, "he said.

However not all people can use ozone therapy, especially those who suffer illness or aberration in Hyperthyroid thyroid. The penderitanya thyroid generally have a very active, such as symptoms of rapid heart tap, eyes bug out, sweat out a lot, hard to sleep, and other lean.

In addition, someone who has a very high metabolism is not recommended to do this therapy. Once jufa with patients Favism, the conditions in which the enzyme glucose 6-phosphate dehidrogenase it is less, the blood cells look small and easily broken. Cell anemia and patients, in which blood cells look small, fragile, and easily broken.

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