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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Eliminate wrinkles With Natural Ingredients

Although at this time is much cream that is able to 'remove' wrinkles, but it does not mean there is not a traditional ingredient that is capable of doing the same thing. In addition to material easily obtained, even simple pembuatannya only. Interested in trying? Here are some materials you can use:


Honey is the result of the domestic industry that was widely available and is able to eliminate wrinkles. That you need to do is membalurkan a little honey to your face and leave for 25-30 minutes. After that basuh face using warm water, then Refresh the rocks in the whole skin usapkan to face. Make sure ice is washed places dibaluri honey.

To remember before handling this, the face should dibasuh first with the water tepid. So that the benefits of honey to be more effective, because the pore-pore in the skin of the face open.


Fruits include the most effective and natural to be antikeriput cream. The easy way, lumatkan one or two bananas until soft and broken-like cream. Balurkan banana cream to the entire surface of the face. Leave it up to about 30 minutes, then clean using warm water. Clap-clap your skin with a soft face, never mengusapnya to dry.


Pure coconut oil is also able to lift the dry skin that cause wrinkles. Self membalurkan with warm coconut oil to the surface face. Make this process as much as you need to maintain your face skin tension.


Vitamin C-rich fruit is also very good to eliminate wrinkles in the skin of the face. You live outside skin, and flesh of the fruit is picked up and the skin surface to be smeared face the problem. For example around the mouth, under and around the eye and the other. Let the liquid dry out the thin pineapple in your face about 20 minutes, after that basuh with warm water or cold water.

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