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Sunday, March 22, 2009

How to Eliminate Flek in Black Face

All women crave face clean skin, free from whelk and flek black. However, one problem that most often occurs in most Asian women, particularly those aged above 30 years old, is the occurrence of black spot or flek in the face.

Pigmentasi skin or melasma, can occur in some parts of the body, especially in the area of the face, due to sun exposure.

Besides sunlight, melasma can also occur due to use of hormonal drugs, such as pregnancy prevention drugs. Flek can also arise due to the former whelk, the antibiotic drugs, antiepilepsi and antiperadangan.

Use of cosmetics is likely to contain mercury and acid salisilat, can make a face flek fell ill. Because when used continuously, will cause the skin to become very sensitive to the sun sengatan.

Can Flek away?

Flek away from the surface of the face, not an easy as it requires routine maintenance flek so lost and do not appear again.

Many ways can be done to eliminate flek, ranging from wearing masks to use cream bleach (bleaching cream) that are useful for mencerahkan face.

Cream bleach function is to lift the horn layer of the skin, eliminate komedo, smooth circulation of blood under the skin, increase elasticity and mencerahkan facial skin.

But with the modern equipment at this time, flek can be quickly removed. But to be able to do so, the cost must be paid not even a little.

First to be done, is doing facial. The goal is to clean the face of skin cells die, so the face becomes brighter and to prevent and erase flek. How:

- Usapkan cream on the face and diamkan for 15 minutes.
- Clean the face, and scrub with the scrub to eliminate dead skin cells.
- Wash your face, and face with a mask lumuri.
- After the mask dry out, clean the face again, then use a moisturizer.

You will find new benefits, when you make facial routinely for 10 times. Levels of success depending on how severe flek that you suffered. For you who have the skin of the face flek with a slightly expanded, should do facial once a week and assisted with the night cream.

One of the facial that is now widely used and the start is considered clean enough nutritious flek, is spirulina. Spirulina is seaweed that has been packed in the form of a kind of mud mask, its function to reduce flek because of the structure, such as scrubs. Spirulina is also available in capsule form and as a supplement drink.

With the treatment once a week, ten times during the facial treatment, flek will fade. But of course, the effect will be more satisfying is that you must be diligent and do the routine.

Doing Self Facial, Can?

Facial treatment can actually do your own at home, provided enough material to know what is needed. In addition to using materials that are sold masks, you can also do facial with fruit or natural materials.

Bengkuang mask or Mentimun

Bengkuang since first known black flek able to overcome in the face. So any Mentimun. Memblendernya you live, and lumurkan in the face so that flek black fade in the face.

But use fruit that is still fresh and good condition, because if you do not care, instead of healing, even your facial skin will be itchy-itchy. If the face terlanjur poignant and itchy-itchy, here's what you should do:
- Oleskan thin-thin honey in the original face for 15 minutes, then clean with warm water.
- Basuh face with ice water, clap-clap slowly and evenly to feel fresh.

Treatment with bengkoang or mentimun the diblender, both for your work on the outside. Effect bengkoang sari or mentimun the cold, it will feel cool in the face right after you use.

Sliced lemon

For you who are over 40 years, the lemon slices evenly on the skin of the face and entire body is able to lift the skin cells to die. Diamkan to dry, then with water bilaslah tepid that pore-pore opens. After that, Rinse again with cold water so that the pore-porinya together.


In addition to lime, uterus antioxidants found in tea is also good to prevent early penuaan. Tea contains the tanin is very good for the sun burn the skin, lips tighten, skin care for face and black hair. How:
- Inapkan cuppa thick night.
- Oleskan water to the entire skin of the face and body.
- Leave it to dry by itself.
- Rinse with warm water to open the skin pore, then Rinse with water.

Tea is also useful to refresh tired eyes, you put one pocket tea dye that has been cold directly on the lid. While lying, to you and do care face skin and eyes.

Avoid Face Toner

When cleaning your face with milk cleanser in the morning or night, simply Rinse your face with ordinary water. You do not need a toner, or face Astringent and tonic, because pemakaiannya be excessive, thus causing increased dry facial skin. Unless your face oily skin.

If you are diligent to make your own facial at home, make sure the skin of the face you have first dibersihakan use scrubs. Please note, the use of natural materials are the result can not IM as a laser or other in-salon salon. But if done regularly and correctly, the result is not less bersihnya. Welcome to try!


Before treatment the face, you should first identify your skin type. Basically the skin of the face divided into three types, namely:

Normal Skin
- Usually in the area of T (such as the forehead, nose and chin) produces excessive oil, pore-pore is greater than at the other face.
- After a clean face, cheek skin will feel taut.
- Contraction over the age will have increased around the eyes, forehead, and the top lip.
- Skin sengatan sun burn easily, so that the visible redness or kecokelatan.

Oily skin
- Generally have a large pore-pore and berkomedo.
- Skin face looks shiny finery and easily changeable.
- Contraction in the face of slower rather than other types of skin.

Dry Skin
- Easy to exfoliate and burn if exposed to the sun sengatan.
In the cold easily teriritasi or itch-itch.
- Local Q sometimes as scaly skin and face feel tight right after the clean.
- Contraction appear more quickly, not only on the face, but also on other body skin.

Sensitive Skin
- Easy teriritasi if a particular cosmetic or exposed to sunlight exposure.
- Skin is generally dry and seemed to "thin" one.
- Skin will feel tight right after a clean.

If the type of skin you have in mind, the care and cosmetic facial skin that you will need more easily find matches.

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