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Monday, April 20, 2009

Buying Sexy Lingerie

Gentlemen, if you missed buying your partner sexy lingerie on that special day it's really not too late. Ladies, if you didn't receive sexy lingerie from your man then make sure he somehow reads this article. Gentlemen, if you missed getting her that sexy teddy for Valentines Day then go buy her it now and tell her that you have been waiting for this special new piece to arrive. And, by purchasing lingerie after Valentines Day you will probably get yourself a really great deal. So, whether it's Valentines Day or any other day, one of the best gifts a man can give to his female partner is a lovely piece of sexy lingerie with exotic appeal.

Sexy lingerie will reinforce the idea that a woman is attractive and desirable. Unfortunately, many men feel awkward about entering a lingerie store to purchase a gift because they are not sure how to select the best item for their partner. With so many types of Lingerie to choose from including panties, bras, babydolls, corsets, teddies and even costume lingerie, it can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips on buying lingerie for your partner.

1. First find out what she would wear. Ask her discreetly if she would wear a certain piece of lingerie that turns you on. Walk by a lingerie store and ask her if she likes something.
2. Find out her sizes. What size of underwear and bra does she wear? Tell her you would like to buy her some pretty underwear even though your intention is to get her something wild and exotic.
3. Buy her a set of matching lingerie. Don't cheap out and get her one piece. All the extras will make her feel that more appreciated.
4. Buy her nice quality lingerie. It doesn't have to be a designer name unless that is what she is accustomed to. Buy her some nice leather or lace lingerie.
5. If you are going to a store to shop, being confident and enthusiastic will show the attendant or sales person how interested you are. The more interested you are the more interested they are in helping you choose your sexy lingerie set.
6. If you are shopping online, then it's that much easier. You will also most likely save yourself a few bucks. Make sure you find a store that has a nice selection and lot of great pictures for you to look at when choosing.
7. Finally and most importantly, present it in an extraordinary way. Make sure the sexy lingerie package is wrapped beautifully and be creative as to how and where you will give it to her. Perhaps somewhere romantic with candles, music and dinner.

For some final touches to make your woman feel extra special, add: a free massage coupon card from yourself, some massage oils, chocolate, and anything else that would turn both you and her on. Role playing can be a lot of fun. So, why not get her some sexy costume lingerie. Have fun!

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