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Monday, April 20, 2009

Revealing the Secret of a Sexy Stomach - 5 Effective Tips to Flatten Your Stomach!

In our modern generation today, beauty is now associated with having a sexy body. It is like saying that you cannot be beautiful without a sexy body and that the famous cliché that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" no longer applies. This has been the health and beauty trend today but for those who do not believe in this, make sure that you will still remain healthy and fit not for aesthetic reasons but for health reasons. For those who believe this, we are now revealing the secret of a well-figured tummy with our 5 effective tips to flatten your stomach.

Either you want to be beautiful with your flattened belly or you want to live longer by staying healthy, knowing and revealing the secret of a well-figured tummy will prove to be very beneficial for you so make sure you waste no time in reading this article. We have 5 effective tips to flatten your stomach and these are the following:

1. In revealing the secret of a sexy stomach, first thing you should know is the meal plan. A sexy meal plan is the one which incorporates only healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, white meats like chicken and fish, and lots of water.

2. Revealing the secret of well-toned abs also means you turn your back to drinking too much alcoholic drinks. This is one of the major causes of big bellies even among girls so drop it.

3. You should also engage in a whole body work-out instead of just plain sit-ups because this will never work. You have to work your body out completely, from head to toes.

4. Cross training is an effective work-out. Aerobic exercises and weight training are the common type of cross training in revealing the secret of a well-toned belly.

5. Lastly, you have to increase your aerobic exercise like 40 minutes to 1 hour walking or cycling to have a sexy stomach.

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