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Monday, April 20, 2009

Seduction Tips For Shy Men - Discover the Sexy Seduction Secrets That Women Really Want

I always find it amazing how much BAD advice and sub par seduction tips there are out there for shy men. Did you know that MOST women actually find shyness and sensitivity a VERY sexy quality? It's true....and just about every survey of women's magazines, day time talk shows and my very own readers and friends bares this very fact out! The simple truth is that, ESPECIALLY as we pass high school and college age, women REALLY crave the attention and affection of men who are INTROSPECTIVE rather than brash loudmouths..:-)

So you're a bit shy and having trouble with the seduction routine, right? Stop sweating it and listening to BAD advice! A beautiful woman WANTS a man who is slow, deliberate and COMFORTABLE in his own skin....and that means instead of trying in vain to be something (or someone!) that you are not...simply embrace the intimacy of your own sexy persona. ( shy or not)

I'm going to give you a secret that MOST men selling pick up guides simply do NOT know. There is NOTHING more trite and turn offish than just about every pick up technique these guides teach - you and I BOTH know that in every bar, nightclub and restaurant around the world there are guys getting turned down left and right with the same tired lines!

What women find seductively magnetic is witnessing the passion and desire of a shy guy bubbling to the surface in a moment of intimate erotic energy..:-) There is an anticipation...a build up and an amazing tension that arises with this experience that you simply will NEVER get from a man who never stops talking..:-)

Click Here to become a master of simple seduction techniques and give her an ORGASM so STRONG ...she'll scream your name in her sleep!

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