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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How To Feel Sexy

Here are my tried and tested tips that get you from feeling like a washed out dish cloth to femme fatale.

Look at your self in the mirror and say "Hi gorgeous!"

If you can't bring yourself to do that because you feel too ugly, wrinkly, fat, unkempt take immediate action that will fix it. Brush your hair, apply red lipstick, put mascara on. Pinch your cheeks. Then look at yourself again, and say, "not so bad considering I've been ignoring you." Make a vow to love and take care of you - say it whilst you stare deeply into your eyes.

Smile at every body you meet. You'll get lots of smiles back.

Be friendly to every one even those people you don't like. The reaction you get from them will be priceless.

Flirt, don't worry about any thing. Flirting will create extra ordinary responses from men - it'll make you feel good. Flirting is a fun way of showing that you are playful and responsive. Men love it. The thing here is that when you're having a rapport you can feel good even if you think you're ugly, fat or what ever. If you just let the communication happen and stop worrying about what the other person is thinking about you. Have you ever considered that they may be worrying about what you think of them?

Lay off the coffee and sugary drinks.

These are passion killers - they lift you up briefly but you'll come plopping back down. When you're down it's difficult to communicate. And not only that - being down gives you all those unsexy thoughts like: why am I so fat?, why can't I be so...? Bla bla. Rather stay in one good feeling place then go from down to up and then down again.

Eat sexy food.

For me sexy food means food that is still in it's original form. Fresh fruit and vegetables. If you believe that fresh food is causing you stomach problems then find out which ones you should mix and match. I promise you real food beats any processed or canned food.

Chocolate bars, cakes and candies are bad for you but you know that already don't you? Chocolates are only sexy when they've been specially chosen by some one special and then gifted to you. It's sexy and fun to eat gifted chocolates especially together with the bearer of the gift. It's also a grand idea to gift some body with special pralines.

Check out your wardrobe.

Are you wearing any old thing? Wearing any old thing is fine if you feel good in it but if deep inside you that any old thing is making you feel not as good as you could be go change immediately.
I'm always surprised that women save their special clothes for special occasions. Every minute you are still breathing and partaking of life is special. I for one don't have special clothes I love them all and wear them all. For gardening I wear my old variation of my once new clothes.

A good tip is to wear clothes that sit well and are comfortable. If you garments are uncomfortable you'll be self conscious. For example I don't wear mini skirts or dresses because when I sit down I find I'm pulling on them to try and cover up.

Wear shoes that you can master and feel good in. No use wearing high heels that you can't walk in or give you pain - it'll distract and make you conscious of your feet instead of allowing you to be a free spirit.

Before you go to sleep rub a good oil all over your body. Enjoy your body even if it's not exactly as you'd like it to be. Remember you can always improve your body. Get a clear picture in your mind of your new body and rub the one you have as though it already is your improved body.

Last thing before you close your eyes affirm to yourself, "I am glad I'm a woman."

Hi, my name is Claudia Apfelthaler. I'm a people observer, adventurer and writer. I'm intrigued by the laws of attraction - especially between the sexes. I own the website where you can get a FREE copy of Winning Love by W.Wattles when you sign up to my FREE news letter.

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