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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Teddies and Bodysuits - Sexy Body Shaping Choices

Often women are looking for sexy lingerie choice that also shapes their curves. A sexy bodysuit is the perfect option. Sexy teddies are guaranteed to spice up one's bedroom and life. For buyers of lingerie in the UK, the possibilities are endless both for daily and special occasion lingerie.

Bodysuits can serve a very practical purpose in your wardrobe. Unlike the body shaping garments of yesteryear, today's bodysuits are very comfortable. With the addition of Lycra, bodysuits can be made of cotton or nylon and are nearly seamless. Depending on the purpose of your bodysuit, the crotch may have snaps (oh, the possibilities). The support and shaping a bodysuit provides is perfect for today's more fitted fashions.

The sex appeal of a bodysuit can not be overestimated. Sexy bodysuits often have sheer components to their design. Of course, the snaps at the crotch are very evocative. Even the most practical black bodysuit will look sexy paired with a pair of fitted jeans and high heels for an evening at the nightclubs with friends.

No matter your reason for purchasing it, a sexy bodysuit can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Bodysuits will help shape your waist to perfect hourglass, smooth your torso for that fitted sweater, or even give your bottom a little lift. While the more full coverage bodysuits may not seem sexy on their own, when paired with right clothing you will definitely feel sexier. You know what they say; an imagination is a terrible thing to waste.

Teddies are a form of bodysuit that is truly designed for maximum sex appeal. Sexy teddies are form fitting and full of lace or sheer design elements. The revealing of a teddy will definitely generate excitement and passion.

While sexy lingerie varies in how it is designed to be removed, teddies are made to removed from the top down. Many sexy teddies actually have an off the shoulder design to give hints to what lies beneath them. If you want spark interest, wear your teddy as your undergarment and reveal it slowly as you undress.

Teddies are a very sexy undergarment choice. Most sexy teddies have built-in bras, often with underwires. The bottom can be full or thong style. You can wear them under your clothing and no one but you would ever know (unless you want them too).

Teddies can also be outerwear if you wish them to be. While it is not likely to be viewed as business wear, teddies can be worn for nights out. We all remember how Madonna made the sexy teddy a fashion choice in the 80s and with all the 80s inspired fashions seen lately who knows; Madonna might start wearing sexy teddies to playdates with her kids.

When considering a purchase of sexy bodysuits or teddies, the first question is what you do want accomplish with this piece of lingerie. If you are looking for a practical piece of sexy lingerie, consider buying a body shaping and smoothing bodysuit. To fan the flames of passion in your lover, buy a sexy teddy. For ladies looking for lingerie in the UK, the time has never been better. Sex appeal is in fashion and sexy bodysuits or sexy teddies are a perfect choice.

Adrian Jones has been involved in the erotic lingerie uk market for many years. This article outlines the benefits of women wearing bodysuits as if that needed much explaining! Please include this credit if you use this article.

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